**We understand your excitement so PLEASE carefully review the following information.  It should answer any and all questions you may have.  This allows us to better accommodate bookings and provide our 5 star service on site.**

What if it starts raining while I am on the water?

  • If it starts storming and you have to come in we will try to get you back out the same day if possible.
  • if you come in early because you want to, we do not provide any refunds.

Do you have discounts?

  • Military and Florida residents receive an additional 10 minutes of driving time as a discount
  • Any other discounts must be presented to Sonny to be approved

How can I pay for my experience?

  • We gladly accept all payment methods EXCEPT checks. We allow cash, credit and debit.

How many people can ride on the Jet Ski at once?

  • No more than 2 passengers per Jet Ski
  • The weight limit is 475 pounds per Jet Ski

How old do you have to be to RIDE on the Jet Ski?

  • A child must be at least 8 years old to ride on the BACK of the Jet Ski behind the parent or guardian
  • Under NO circumstances may a child ride in front of the parent or guardian

How old do you need to be to operate a Jet Ski?

  • According to Florida Law you must be at least 18 years of age to rent/and or drive a Jet Ski. You MUST provide a valid government issued picture ID
  • However Florida Wildlife Commission requires ANYONE BORN AFTER 1/1/1988 MUST obtain a boater’s safety license to operate a Jet Ski
  • We will provide you with the test, and upon passing we will provide you with a temporary license good for 1 year
  • The test will cost $5.00 per test
  • OR take your temporary license test HERE

Where are you located?

  • 139 Seaside Avenue, Key Largo FL 33037
  • We are on the OCEAN side at the south end of Key Largo, Mile Marker 94.5. Our spot is to the right of Snappers resturantand in the marina behind the outside of the dining room.
  • At the road entrance there is a tall thin sign that says “Snappers” with a blonde mermaid riding a large turtle, go straight back there and you can park anywhere for Snappers restaurant.

Are there restrictions for the Jet Skis?

  • 475 pounds per ski
  • 2 people per ski
  • Second rider MUST ride on the back

What is included in the rental?

  • Bottled water
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Shoes (Few sizes, HIGHLY recommended.. THEY are sold at many places)
  • Snorkeling gear (when available- if you have your own, bring it! )
  • Waterproof bag (you are required to bring your phone)
  • Fresh water shower, soap and fluff, fresh towels (if you forget yours)
  • We will take pictures and videos of you during your activity when possible and upload them to your phone before you leave